​Britain’s Wartime Plan to Invade the Canary Islands Letters from the Atlantic by Barrie Mahoney

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​Britain’s Wartime Plan to Invade the Canary Islands

Britain’s Wartime Plan to Invade the Canary Islands

During the current worrying developments in the Spanish autonomous community of Catalonia, many forget that some years ago there was a large and vociferous movement demonstrating for independence for the Canary Islands. Although there are some on the islands that still share this long-term view, much of the debate is currently centred towards peaceful coexistence as a fully functioning autonomous community within Spain. Some may see Spain’s constitution and its wisdom in promoting and allowing autonomous communities to develop and flourish in a manner that reflects the individual and unique culture of its many diverse regions and complicated history as a success.

This article has been withdrawn as it has now been published in Barrie’s latest book, ´Living in Spain and the Canary Islands’

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