Typewriter Terror Letters from the Atlantic by Barrie Mahoney

'Writing Inspired by an Island in the Atlantic'

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Typewriter Terror

Typewriter Terror

The phone rang; it was a colleague in Las Palmas telling me that the police were in the middle of a response to a potential terrorist incident in the city. A suspect package had been placed in front of the door to the garage of the central offices of the National Police on the island. The building was sealed off, traffic was prevented from entering the road, and anti-terrorist officers arrived to assess the potential danger of the package. These officers quickly discovered that this was a false alarm, and since the suspicious package turned out to contain nothing more lethal than an antique typewriter, the panic was over.

‘Letters from the Atlantic’ - Article Withdrawn

This article has now been published in Barrie’s latest book ‘Living in Spain and the Canary Islands, and is withdrawn from this website.

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